Why I don’t like the Christmas Ad

This is the new Christmas Ad that many churches will be using . . .


I am not having a “bah – humbug” moment, but I don’t like it . . .

 Here is why in a couple of bullet points:

  • The consumerism versus the real meaning of Christmas is a bit cliche – but also, in these economic times having “successful entreprenuers” as wise men is a bit of a slap in the face to all those who are struggling to keep their businesses together in  – but, at least the ad campaigners didn’t pick Bankers (unless on another poster, yet to be produced, Herod is replaced by a banker . . . )
  • I “get” that it is supposed to be a representation of those gathered around the crib (so I can understand why the only child present is Jesus himself), but, are the only people in our society young?  Look at the age of everyone else . . . maybe, like Shepherds, city couriers on their bikes do not live long (Shepherds defending their sheep from wild animals I guess their life span might be an issue . . . akin to the cyclicists dodging cars and busses?)  But, those we are trying to reach at Christmas are not all of one demographic – so where are the older people in this picture, who could have been part of the scene – simply having a bunch of people who have walked out of a Next catalogue – are “wise men” all in their twenties in contemporary culture?
  • Where are the other women?  If you are going to create a decent illustration of modern culture – apart from    Mary, where are the other women?  Could we not have had a wise woman?  A shepherdess?  (You do get female entrepreneurs, plasterers, cycle couriers . . . )



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