The Petition – In their own words

Included below are comments from some of those who have signed the petition currently running here: 

“I have worked both in County and Church Youth work for 20+ years, and I cant believe that at such a key time, the church too are cutting staff. Very short sighted. Sad.” Judi Cox (Youth Worker, Horsham)

“A church without a clear strategic vision for the evangelism of boys and girls and young people will die! A church that prioritises youth and kids ministry will thrive. I want to belong to a thriving church.” Mark Griffiths (Author of “One Generation from Extinction“)

“As a retired Bishop and as the main author of GS report All God’s Children I am convinced that children’s work and youth work are very different issues requiring diffferent areas of expertise. I also think it is vital that central church posts should “name the name” of “children” and “youth” at a time when the Church is very weak in its outreach to these generations.” Bishop Gavin Read (Author of “All God’s Children: Childrens Evangelism in Crisis“)

“Open and pluralist youth work founded on a voluntary relationship with young people is under assault. We cannot afford to lose another voice and advocate for young people-centred practice. The In Defence of Youth Work campaign sends its solidarity.” Tony Taylor, In Defence of Youthwork Campaign)

“I am signing this because I am aware of the excellent work the current post holders do, the wealth of experience that could be lost and agree it sends out the wrong signals at a time when so many other institutions are cutting back their resources for work with young people and children. I think distinctive titles are vital as is people with the capacity to advocate at a national level. Those employed at a Diocesan level already do some of the things consultants will supposedly do.” Sally Nash (Lecturer in Youthwork and Practical Theology, St Johns, Notts)

“As there are so many cut backs of youth services at the moment, the Church should be seriously considering its role in stepping into the gap.” Jason Gardner (Youth Worker, Harrow and Author of “Mend the Gap” and co-author of “Rise“)

A bunch of my colleagues have also signed the petition (Diocesan Youth Officer and Diocesan Children’s Work Advisers from around the country); and, too many others to mention . . . many of whom are making a difference in the local church as volunteers or extra timers . . . and clearly, cannot understand why the Church would be doing this at this time . . .
Please visit the petition, read as many of the passionate statements of support . . . and, if you feel able, please join us and sign the petition.

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