The Re-Birth of the Church – Eddie Gibbs (Pub 15th July 2013)

This book is due out in a couple of weeks, I hope to review it before its release date . . . thankfully, got in wherever I go with my Kindle App.

Initial impression – this line caught my attention, and – although Eddie is talking about the beginning of Christendom, it IS how the church continues to operate:

“The Church entered the long period of Christendom and the focus of leadership shifted from formation of people as an alternative society of God’s future to oversight of orthodoxy, proper administration of the sacraments, and regulation of specialised and privatised ethical practices increasingly disconnected from any biblical or theological understanding of the ecclesia as the people of God.”

The church entered this period 1700 years ago . . . we are still in it, and we wonder why we decline in the West?!

Though Paul’s practices in planting churches and his vision for ministry, Eddie aims to show us what we might have lost, but can recover . . .

I am pretty excited about the journey this book might take me on!

So get it ordered and join me!  More to follow . . .


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